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Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Attorney

Why You Need a Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Attorney on Your Side

People found guilty of domestic violence face the possibility of prison, electronic monitoring and/or fines. A domestic violence conviction can prevent you from having custody of your children or even visitation rights. Of course, it can also destroy your career and reputation.

Even a domestic violence accusation can seriously impact your life. You shouldn’t face the charges without a domestic violence lawyer in Salt Lake City UT by your side.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined?

Under Utah law, domestic violence is any crime involving actual or threatened physical harm or violence or an attempt to commit physical harm or violence against a “cohabitant.” A “cohabitant” is defined as someone who is at least 16 years old (or an emancipated minor) who has any of the following relationships with the accused:

  • current or former spouse
  • related either by blood or marriage
  • a shared child
  • a shared home (currently or in the past)

“Violence” doesn’t have to be physical. It includes violation of a restraining order as well as harassment and stalking – whether in person or via phone, text or email.

A law enforcement officer can arrest an alleged offender if that officer reasonably believes that the person committed an act of domestic violence. Even if the alleged victim doesn’t press charges, prosecutors may go forward with the case.

Whatever the Situation, a Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help

As domestic violence attorneys in Salt Lake City UT, we know that family and other close relationships can be complicated. Sometimes people are falsely accused by someone out of anger or revenge. Current or former spouses sometimes accuse someone of domestic violence to keep that person away from the children or to get the upper hand in a divorce case.

We also know that arguments between people who are close can get heated and that anger or jealously can cause behavior that people later regret. Whatever your situation, call or contact us online to find out how a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney can help.