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Salt Lake City Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support, also known as alimony or spousal maintenance, is one of the more complicated concerns that occur in a divorce. A Salt Lake City spousal support attorney is expert in this field.

What Does the Court Consider When Granting Spousal Support?

Our Salt Lake City spousal support lawyer is well-versed in the various aspects of spousal support and will guide you through the different degrees of support and how your marital history impacts you receiving, or paying, such support.

A Salt Lake City spousal support attorney specializes in addressing all issues involved in the realm of divorce that impact the spousal support decision made by the court. These include:

  • length of the marriage;
  • financial position of each party;
  • earning power of each spouse;
  • financial ability of paying spouse to afford spousal support;
  • whether the spouse requesting support worked in a business owned or operated by the other spouse;
  • whether one party stayed home with the children while the other pursued a career;
  • if the spouse requesting support contributed to the other spouse’s income potential by paying for educational expenses; and
  • whether either spouse engaged in infidelity, domestic violence, or financial irresponsibility.

Family Court judges have extensive discretion in determining support awards. Salt Lake City spousal support lawyers are dedicated to giving you sound legal advice and taking appropriate action to get you a favorable outcome through the court.

How Does the Court Calculate Spousal Support?

Since there is no absolute formula under Utah law to determine spousal support, it is vital you have an experienced attorney. A Salt Lake City spousal support attorney looks at all pertinent variables to establish whether there should be temporary or permanent spousal support and makes sound proposals to the court on your behalf.

Make the Right Move

The representation of an attorney can have a major impact on the court’s spousal support decision. Our spousal support lawyer in Salt Lake City UT is expert in Utah law and knows the ins-and-outs of spousal support. Contact our office for an appointment to discuss your personal situation. A spousal support attorney in Salt Lake City UT on your team is the right choice!